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Best Ergonomic Home Office Chairs Canada 2023

For most office workers, our Home Office was of totally different importance before the Covid 19 pandemic than it is now. We were okay with occasional sitting at the dining table in a wooden chair to catch up with work deadlines. The best scenario was a tiny IKEA desk and a cheap home office chair in our bedroom. Our apartment wasn't considered a workspace but a living space. However, since the beginning of the "Work From Home Era", many of us turned into remote workers with a Home Office right in our living room. Well, why not? We can sit on a sofa or bed with a computer on our laps for a few weeks or even months. Yet this has been taking longer than anyone expected, and our home office corner, whether it's a kitchen desk or a sofa, are not a comfortable home working space anymore. 

Five Reasons Why Having a Quality Home Office Chair Is Extremely Important For Remote Workers: 

1) COMFORT: Sitting in an uncomfortable chair for long periods of time can cause discomfort, and pain and eventually lead to injuries. A proper home office active sitting chair will ensure that the user is comfortable and able to work for extended periods of time without discomfort.

2) POSTURE: Posture: An improper chair can cause poor posture, which can lead to neck and back pain, headaches and even spinal problems. A proper posture-correcting home office chair will support the user's spine and help maintain good posture.

3) PRODUCTIVITY: Being back pain and neck pain-free while working in a home office chair will increase productivity, as the user will be able to focus on their work without being distracted by discomfort or pain.

4) HEALTH: Prolonged sitting is associated with an increased risk of health problems such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease and even certain types of cancer. On the contrary - a proper active sitting chair can help reduce the risk of these health problems by promoting movement, automatically improved posture, engaged core muscles while sitting and proper blood circulation.

5) MENTAL HEALTH: Sitting in an uncomfortable chair can cause stress and negatively impact mental health. An active sitting home office chair can help reduce stress and promote better mental health.

Overall, having a proper home office chair is crucial for sedentary job workers to ensure their comfort, productivity, health, and well-being.

For all office workers working from home, 4 + hours a day, the two most essential elements are: 

The sofa, armchair, exercise ball, or kitchen counter are not suitable for ergonomic home office work!

Best Ergonomic Home Office Chair Canada 2021 SpinaliS Chairs

5 tips for designing your home office

The creativity in home office design is related to the amount of space we have. Do you have an extra room that can be used as a home office? If you do, awesome! Don't worry, though, we also have a few helpful tips for those of us living in a limited space or sharing the home office with a partner or child. Even a small room or home office corner can be adjusted to provide an ergonomic home working environment. How high should my home office desk be? Should the height be adjustable? Is a standing desk better than a standard desk? How do I find the best home office chair for my lower back pain?

Read our Mini Lesson on Ergonomics below to find answers to these and more questions!

1. Generally speaking, the home office furniture must fit your body size.

We are well aware that small children have smaller desks and chairs than adults. The same principle applies to adults. A person with a petite body type will need a different desk and a petite home office chair, unlike, for example, a tall person. It's never good when the desk or chair is too high or too low when you want to have a healthy body position and spine posture while working. Find home office furniture that will adjust to your body size, rather than trying to use footstools or similar tools to reach up or have to slouch down to adjust to the furniture.

2. Firstly, focus on picking out your home office chair! Why? You spend many hours sitting in your chair.

Some people spend more hours sitting in their office chairs than sleeping in their beds! A common mistake that people make occurs when they start with the home office desk, only to realize the desk is too high or too low after getting the home office chair. The best ergonomic home office chair should perfectly fit your body size. Generally speaking, especially for more petite body types, office chairs are often oversized. There are not many office chair brands with customized home office chair sizes. If you are a petite person, you should look for a home office chair suitable for your body type. The chair's seat must be small rather than bulky and low enough so you can reach the floor with both feet flat on the floor when sitting in it. Look for a height-adjustable office chair for perfect posture so you can adjust the height of the seat and backrest to fit your body size. If you're on the taller side, find a home office chair with a tall backrest so you feel supported and comfortable. Your chair's seat should be high enough to sit with your pelvis slightly higher than your knees. The angle of your knees should also be about 95 to 100 degrees for the best posture and lower back position. Read home office chair reviews before committing to a purchase. If you would like to find the best fitting chair for your body size and type of workplace, take this short Quiz, and you will get a personalized selection of SpinaliS Home Office Chairs. 

3. Secondly, find an appropriate home office desk. 

Once you have the chair, you will be able to figure out how high your desk needs to be, then start looking for the desk. Do not risk your desk having an inappropriate height to match your home ergonomic office chair. Before you go to the store or shop for your home office furniture online, use a measuring tape and measure: a) How much space you have for your home office desk - in order to decide on the desktop size, b) The distance between the floor and the top of your lap while sitting in your desk chair - to decide on your desk height from below, c) Sit in your chairs and bend your arms and pretend you are reaching for your keyboard, then ask your partner to measure the height of your hands above the floor - in order to decide on your desk hight from above. The outcomes of these measurements will give you an exact idea of the dimensions of your home office desk. If required, look for what you need or get a high- adjustable home office desk and adjust it to fit your body size. Your desk doesn't need to be expensive, some manually height-adjustable home office desks have quite reasonable pricing. 

4. The monitor must be at your eye level.

Prevent neck pain while sitting by raising your monitor. You can use anything, even simply a box or yellow pages. Make sure that you are not looking down and bending your neck. If you are only working with your laptop, find a laptop holder or stand and get an external keyboard. 

5. Do you need to share the home office desk with other family member/s? 

Suppose that's your case, and your family members have very different body sizes. In that case, this can be solved by getting home office chairs of various sizes for each user and an electronically height-adjustable home office desk that will be easy to move up or down based on who is using it.