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Your SpinaliS Chair should be a Good Fit for your BODY SIZE & WORKPLACE.  That's why there are more models, we have chairs for every body size and workplace! Based on our 15 years long personal experience with SpinaliS chairs, we are happy to help you to pick the best fit for you.
If you need help with finding the best fitting model for yourself, do the short QUIZ or Contact us, we are happy to help! 

You are welcome to visit our SpinaliS Stores and test all of the models personally. If you would like to be sure that you choose the most suitable chair for you, we offer Free Trials for selected chairs. The chair can be picked up at one of our stores and brought to your office or home for one week free trial. 

If you live further from our storeswe will use our expertise and help you find the chair which will suit you the best. After you purchase the chair online, we offer you two weeks trial period. Then, in case it's not what you expected, you can send it back to us and get a full refund on its cost. After Free Trial - please note that in case of returns the chair must be in the original condition and packaging. Scratched or damaged chairs are ineligible for returns. The customer is responsible for full shipping costs - there and back. Please contact us at info@spinalis-chairs.ca to apply for the FREE TRIAL.

NO OBLIGATION FREE TRIAL of any SpinaliS Chair before purchase for customers located in Vancouver:

1) How that works?

If you are located in Vancouver, BC (Canada), the SpinaliS Chair of your choice can be delivered by SpinaliS representative to your home/ office address where you can test it for free for one week. One week shall be a good time for you to find out if the chair works for you or not. You are going to test a DEMO model and we don’t charge you anything for the delivery.

2) What happens next?

If you like it - we will pick up the DEMO chair you are testing and deliver you a new chair which you will order and pay for.
If you don’t like it - we will pick up the DEMO chair you were testing and you won't be charged anything for the free trial, delivery or pick up.

3) Is there any charge or obligation?

The Free Trial is RISK-FREE and has NO OBLIGATION for you as a customer. It’s to let you try the chair and see if it works for you or not. We stand behind our product and are taking the risk and delivery cost on us.

3) Is there any limitation?

Each customer can enjoy this complimentary service for one selected SpinaliS Model per person. In case you are a Company and wanted to test more than one model for your employees or colleagues, we are happy to arrange that. If you are an individual and wanted to test more than one model, we might charge you our delivery costs in case more than one delivery and one pick up.