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Dentists and Dental Hygienists

SpinaliS, a top European company specializing in designing and manufacturing the best chairs for back pain since 1999, developed special chairs for dental workers.  

Dentists and Dental Hygienists have a challenging job in terms of often working in awkward body positions to get a better visual working area.

This is why after years in this job, many dentists suffer from chronic lower back pain, tension neck syndrome, muscle imbalances, joint hyper-mobility, spinal disc herniation, and ultimately career-ending injury. 

Good news! Dentists and dental hygienists may reduce the risk of developing these serious issues by maintaining a healthy working posture.  


Let's find out, how to pick the best chair for dentist and dental hygienist chairs. 

Best chairs for dentists SpinaliS Stylist - Spinalist Chair Canada

3 Key Parameters For The Best Chair For Dental Hygienist & Best Dental Chair for Back Pain  

1. Ergonomic & Height adjustable - dental stool with back support for the dentist in the lumbar area is ideal. Office chairs with a full backrest are not a good fit.

2. Quality castors and steady base -  in dentist chair you shall be able to easily move around the patient, instead of bending or twisting, to allow flexibility

3. Have a movable seat that follows all body movements to always maintain the proper working posture and be able to operate in different positions.

The same parameters as for dental hygienist chairs apply also for dental operator chairs, dental assistant chairs, and orthodontist chairs.  


SpinaliS dentist ergonomic chairs and dental hygiene ergonomic chairs


1. SpinaliS STYLIST dental hygiene chair for small to medium body types 

This small and flexible dental stool was designed for workplaces that require lots of flexibility and moving around. Typically dentists, dental hygienists, with rather tiny body types.

The round seat has a diameter of 13.3''. The active seat on the spring follows all your movements so you can keep a proper posture while leaning forward or to the sides.

Your spinal cord will stay in the correct position. Your hips will not suffer while leaning sidewise. The upper back will stay straight and not be hunched while leaning forward. 

best chair for Dental Hygienists SpianliS Stylist

Check this product detail page here: SPINALIS STYLIST

2. SpinaliS EXPLORER dentist office chair for all genders, medium body types

This SpinaliS stool is one of the best ergonomic chairs for dentists. It was designed for all active workplaces and medical professions. Its comfortable oval-shaped seat fits all genders and most of the body types (we see slightly higher preference by ladies). This chair has very comfortable back support for dental hygienists or dentists, supporting them well also in more challenging positions. 


The active seat on spring follows all your body movements, while the tilt limiter prevents you from sliding down. That helps the dentist to gain a better visual adjustment

Active sitting helps to avoid static posture leading to back and neck pain. Thanks to the steady base on wheels, the dentist can move better around the patient and around the dentist's office.

Best chair for denists side view black Explorer dental stool SpinaliS Canada

Check this product detail page here: SPINALIS EXPLORER

3. SpinaliS RODEO best horse saddle dental chair for all genders, larger and taller body types 


SpinaliS Rodeo stool works great as a working chair for dentist offices. It fulfills the highest expectations on dentist ergonomics.

Many dentists and dental hygienists prefer this chair because of the horse saddle-shaped seat. It relieves the stress on hips and spinal discs while bending sideways and forward. Active sitting on Rodeo relieves back pain and improves the blood circulation in lower limbs. 

The Rodeo chair offers great flexibility of movement around the patient sitting in the dental chair. The lower back support can also support your elbows and avoid shaking arms in more challenging work tasks. 

The horse saddle-shaped seat fits all genders and most of the body types (we see slightly higher preference by men). SpinaliS Rodeo stool is also popular among different medical professions as a dental hygiene chair or dental assistant chair.


Rodeo Chair with back support for dentists SpinaliS Canada
Check this product detail page here: SPINALIS RODEO

The compact size of this dental doctor stool fits any dental office or dental hygiene office.  

The fabric upholstery is of great quality.

It's a combination of leatherette with cotton, breathable and easy to clean. 

This dental chair comes in three standard colors, black, red and grey. Many other colourful variants are possible for an extra charge to meet the modern design of your dental office. 

SpinaliS ergonomic chairs for dentist receptionists 

4. SpinaliS Apollo chair for smaller body types will do a great office chair for your dental reception 

SpinaliS Apollo ergonomic office chair is a great and stylish solution for your dental office receptionist. 

A movable seat follows all body movements, allows you to stay active, less tired even during a challenging day. The ergonomically shaped backrest helps to support posture and offers moments of relaxation when needed. Active sitting prevents back pain and spinal deformities. For people with back issues, SpinaliS Apollo makes the best chair for back pain. 

This SpinaliS office chair comes in eight standard colours: black, grey, brown, red, orange, green, dark blue and royal blue. On top of that, many other colours are available for an extra charge. 


Office chair for dental offices

Check this product detail page: SPINALIS APOLLO