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Ted A. Lennard, M.D., a board-certified physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist affiliated with CoxHealth in Springfield, Missouri, recommends SpinaliS chair as a suitable device for prevention and relief of back pain for people with sedentary jobs in his scientific research study: Fluoroscopic Comparison of sitting on a regular straight back chair, exercise ball, and the Spinalis chair by Ted A. Lennard, M.D., American Board of Physical Medicine on Rehabilitation. Springfield Neurological and Spine Institute, USA.

At SNSI, Dr. Lennard specializes in the nonsurgical treatment of spine, musculoskeletal, and peripheral nerve care, offering a wide variety of treatment options including medical acupuncture, spinal injections, ultrasound-guided peripheral nerve, and joint injections, electrodiagnostic studies, and plasma rich platelet injections. 

SpinaliS Chairs Research

Doctor's Opinions

Among first SpinaliS customers in Canada and in the USA, there was a number of Doctors. Many Health Experts tested active sitting on SpinaliS Chair in their offices and with their clients. Especially experts who have the same mission, prevent and relieve back pain for people with sedentary jobs. Learn more here: 

Chiropractor's Opinion on SpinaliS Movable Seat's Benefits 

Physiotherapist's Opinion on Active Sitting on SpinaliS Chairs 

Osteopath's Opinion on Back Pain Prevention on Posture Correction on SpinaliS Chairs 

Ergonomist's Opinion on SpinaliS Hacker Chair 


A number of awards support the functionality and benefits of active sitting on SpinaliS chairs. 

  • The Independent - London magazine - Best Buy 2007
  • Business Award -  European innovative idea 2006
  • SQ sign (Slovenian Quality) with international test
  • The 11th International Innovation Fair ARCA 2013 golden award 
  • SpinaliS - the best office chair in the Czech Republic
  • Top business in Slovenia -  2010
  • REHAPROTEX - trade fair in Brno, Czech Republic - Golden award for SpinaliS Pilot
  • Sitting on SpinaliS to enter Guinness World Records 
  • MODDOM - trade fair in Bratislava, Slovak Republic - Fair award
  • The Mirror of Slovene Success Award
  • Award winner - The Chamber of Craft and Small Business in Slovenia
  • MOS Fair 2000 - Fair award  


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  • Certificate of Conformity of SpinaliS chairs with the European standards for office furniture CE
  • The quality of SpinaliS chairs has been approved by SIQ – Slovenian Institute of Quality and Metrology
  • Quality approval of SpinaliS chairs by TÜV Certificate
  • The UZA Certificate, Belgium
  • The ES Certificate of Conformity


  • The Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Medicines – Therapeutic Chairs

SpinaliS Chairs are Made in Europe Since 1999, learn more HERE