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Dragons DenGuess What The Dragons Said, When We Exchanged Their Chairs For SpinaliS? 

Dragons, how many of you spend many hours in an office chair?
"I am sure you know that sitting all day at work, hunched over the desk causes us sore back and tiredness. Statistics say that over 68% of North Americans are dealing with chronic back or neck pain. So what are our options? Maybe you tried sitting on the ball, which is tiring because there is no rest. Or to stand the whole day? But there are other known side effects of standing, such as sore feet, swollen legs, varicose veins, stiff neck.
 Our solution is ACTIVE SITTING on SpinaliS chairs! SpinaliS are very unique chairs with a movable seat on a spring and fully adjustable backrest and armrests. It turns all the negative issues of passive sitting into activity while strengthening the back and core muscles. SpinaliS chairs are the only chairs on the market developed by health professionals to relieve back pain instead of causing it!"

Our Pitch at Dragons Den was successful!   

SpinaliS Chaird Dragons Den Pitch 

What Did The Dragons Ask Us?

"What is the value and attractiveness of your product?"
"SpinaliS Chairs are UNIQUE! There are no other chairs like this in North America. Other chairs for active sitting are either ball chairs or chairs based on the same principle as the ball - but lacking the backrest! SpinaliS chairs give you both – freedom to move and effective backrest support anytime you need it. The spring mechanism is patented worldwide, and our company holds exclusive distribution rights for North America."

So, Dragons, in order to understand how SpinaliS works, you need to try it to believe it! Welcome to sitting in the 21st century!

Dragons Den Sitting on SpinaliS Chairs

Michelle, Arleene and Manjit tested the SpinaliS Apollo model, which is a very popular model for ladies. Joe and Michael tested SpinaliS Spider, which is a comfortable managers' chair.  

Dragons loved active sitting!

Who is the Secret Dragon

Jim decided to keep the chair right away! Jim Treliving

Dragons Den