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Robyn Deverett, MSc PT, BA Hons Kin, Physiotherapist, PHYSIO WITH ROBYN, Toronto

Physiotherapist's opinion Physio Robyn  - Spinalis Chair CanadaA licensed physiotherapist, fitness instructor, and personal trainer. Robyn is a strong believer in making simple lifestyle changes to optimize one’s quality of life. Having worked in various Physiotherapy clinics, Robyn feels that an integral part of patient care is taking the time to work with her patients to identify their barriers to recovery. She found that creating personalized home exercise program videos for her patients, led to higher compliance and faster recovery rates.

Robyn created “PHYSIO WITH ROBYN” to provide accessible online content and promote healthy lifestyle changes with an emphasis on pain-free movement. www.robyndeverett.com
Over the past year, I’ve spent an exceptionally large amount of time sitting at my desk. With countless online meetings/ classes/ seminars, my low back pain was always aggravated. 
While searching online for an ergonomic office chair, I came across SpinaliS chairs. I was very intrigued by the concept of “active sitting”. I truly value this ideology, as I’m an active individual who constantly promotes functional movement, injury prevention, and basic lifestyle changes for optimal health. I purchased the SpinaliS Hacker chair and I’m finding a huge improvement in my sitting tolerance and posture. I greatly appreciate being able to stand up at the end of a workday without feeling stiff. What I love about this chair is when I lean forward in the seat, the seat moves with me so I can maintain a neutral alignment in my spine. In addition to engaging my core, I find that this chair activates my lower extremity. The SpinaliS Hacker allows me to distribute equal weight between both of my legs while sitting, as opposed to me favoring and/or leaning towards one side of my body. I rarely feel the need to lean back in this chair to relieve my low back; a habit I had grown accustomed to with my previous chair. However, if I do lean back, the chair is quite sturdy. 
I would recommend this chair to anyone who is looking for an office chair that provides low back pain relief and is willing to invest in their health. Here is my video review:

Susan Deslippe B.S.c. (P.T.) Co-owner of orthopedic physiotherapy: GO PHYSIOTHERAPY in Vancouver

Physiotherapist's opinion Susan Deslippe - Spinalis Chair Canada Certified practitioner of Gunn IMS
Susan incorporates manual therapy, Intra-Muscular Stimulation (IMS), education, specific exercise, posture, and movement analysis into her wide scope of practice. She is particularly interested in pelvic and low back instability and re-alignment and uses manual therapy and pressure bio-feedback to recruit and re-train specific muscles.

We have been using SpinaliS Apollo chair in our wellness centre for a couple of months. We recommend SpinaliS Chairs to our clients because they encourage position changes and active movement when sitting. That is why they are good for the back, and our clients who trialed Spinalis chairs have provided us with very good feedback."

GO PHYSIOTHERAPY, 2 - 3657 West 16th Ave, Vancouver, BC 

Many physiotherapists are using and working with SpinaliS Chairs

Cypress Physiotherapy & Health, North Vancouver 

Brandy Osborne, Registered Massage Therapist, Sport massage Therapist with the National Women's Hockey Program