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Ergonomic Musicians' Chairs

Ergonomic Musician Chairs That Can Make You a Better Musician

 The Spinalis Chair is an ergonomic chair for musicians. It prevents back pain, lower leg pain, and neck pain when sitting for long periods of time.

This ergonomic chair is made with active sitting in mind. The seat height, seat angle, seat depth, seat tilt, back height and back angle accommodate different body sizes and shapes.

The chairs are naturally tilted in line with your body to match the musician's playing position. This decreases the amount of energy it takes to sit down.

Need a chair to support your active lifestyle? Spinalis Chairs are ergonomic chairs that keep you on the move even while sitting. It is the perfect chair for musicians, artists, and anyone who wants to be more active while they work.


Ergonomic Pianist Chairs

This Pianist Chair from SpinaliS helps your Posture When Playing Piano
LTCL Pianist of Vancouver Pop Symphony Kitty Lam on SpinaliS Rodeo Chair.

Worldwide, great pianists use SpinaliS Ergonomic Piano Chairs for better posture when playing the piano. Here is how one of them feels about it.

Kitty has been actively performing as a solo pianist, accompanist as well as a chamber musician for weddings, social events, choirs and worship teams for over 20 years.

She has received multiple prizes from local piano competitions as a solo performer. Kitty suffered from back pain and was looking for the best chair for playing the piano. A friend recommended trying the SpinaliS Rodeo chair.

Watch the video to see her experience. What did Kitty answer when we asked her:

Can you use a SpinaliS Chair to play piano?

"Hey, my name is Kitty and I am a pianist. I have been using the SpinaliS Rodeo for practising for three months. My posture has improved, my back feels better and this is how I practice with Rodeo."


Thank you Kitty for sharing your feedback. If you wanna hear more beautiful piano music by Kitty.

SpinaliS Rodeo is the best piano chair with back support for pianists who are taller than 5'3''. The seat tilts and moves sideways as you play, ensuring you keep the proper posture and relieve stress on spinal discs in the lumbar area.
 It's very comfortable to sit on a Rodeo piano chair because it's height-adjustable and has padded back support. See the SpinaliS Rodeo chair.
Another alternative of an adjustable piano chair with back is SpinaliS Explorer 
This chair has a comfortable oval-shaped seat and is also height adjustable. This model is preferred by shorter body types and people who don't like the horse saddle-shaped pianist seat.
Both pianist's chairs are suitable also as chairs for Yamaha keyboard players.

Are SpinaliS Stools are suitable for other musicians? 

If you play Guitar, Cello or Violin you will love it too! Imagine sitting without back pain while playing and dancing in your chair at the same time! You will be less tired and more engaged! 
SpinaliS Stool for Musicians Violin

Guess who especially loves the SpinaliS Rodeo Stool? 

The drummers! 

Active seat on the spring helps them move and flow with the rhythm of their music!
Musician drummer on SpinaliS chair