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Sitting on Spinalis Chairs for Active Sitting Versus Other Ergonomic Chairs

Spinalis chair

  • Prevents back pain
  • Proper posture
  • Freedom to move in all directions
  • Feeling fresh and focused
  • Seat is tilting above the table
  • Natural pelvic movement
  • Normal circulation of blood in legs
  • Fresh feeling after 8 hours

Other chairs

  • Causes back pain
  • Poor posture
  • Passive sitting without movement
  • Feeling sore back and restlessness
  • Fixed seat, no tilting
  • No pelvic movement
  • Pressure on atrteries, varicose veins
  • After 8 hours - Tiredness

Most of our customers have tried other chairs and options to relieve back pain. Here is what John Z. from John Bryson & Partners Structural Engineers decided to share:

I am a Structural Engineer, and I must sit for long hours every day, sometimes up to 8 to 10 hours. I suffered from serious back pain for many years. After consulting with my healthcare professionals, I realized that one of my main problems was the chair that I was sitting on at work. First, I tried the kneeling chairs, and that helped significantly, but unfortunately I started to feel my knees hurting more than before. Also, there were many issues with those chairs, even the best ones ended up breaking. So then for many years, I was sitting on a ball to strengthen my core muscles. This effectively eliminated my back pain from sitting, but using the ball was not perfect as it is not a great seat and it does not adjust vertically, so I was not quite at the right height for my desk. This ended up causing pain in my shoulder.
Thanks to a friend's advice, I got the SpinaliS Rodeo chair to try out in my office. The difference is incredible, it's the best active sitting chair! These chairs effectively duplicate the action of sitting on a ball, but it is all part of a real office chair that is high quality and can be adjusted in height.I have been using it for almost a five years now. The pain in my shoulder and back relieved in less than a month! This chair is indispensable to me.