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Did you know that the load pressure on the intervertebral discs is greater when sitting than when standing?
You are probably wondering how this is possible when we are sitting and resting. To understand the functioning of the spine and its burden, you first have to see what the spine is comprised of:



VERTEBRAE: provide the back with sufficient support

INTERVERTEBRAL DISCS: absorb shocks and vibrations

JOINTS AND LIGAMENTS: facilitate the accurate fit of the components and prevent spinal dislocations and deformities

THE NERVES: point to burdening or other damage

DEEP STABILIZING MUSCLES AROUND THE SPINE: allow movement of the whole upper body

What are the most common spine injuries? 



Damage is mainly due to overburdening and lack of exercise. The spinal column starts to lose its flexibility and back pain is a first sign which should warn us.

The SpinaliS chair prevents spinal damage and restores its health because it allows active sitting which strengthens the deep stabilizing muscles, keeps ligaments flexible, and prevents point burdening of individual parts of the spine.