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Dr. Rishi Verma, Medical Director at Balance Medical Center, Vancouver, BC

Doctor's Opinion Dr. Ritchi Verma - Spinalis Chair Canada

I have been using the SpinaliS Hacker chair in my office.
As an integrative medicine doctor, I search for ways to provide the best care for my body, including how I eat, move, sit, or sleep.

Many of us sit for the majority of our day. Over the years, I have learned that passive sitting is a major contributor to the muscular imbalances that I see in my office each day. The SpinaliS chair helps align my body more neutrally and keeps my core active while I sit at work. It is also an aesthetically appealing chair that looks good in a professional environment. 

I recommend anybody who sits for an extended period of time to consider an ‘active sitting’ chair to improve the alignment of their body.

Dr. Verma is one of Vancouver’s most widely regarded physicians in the field of integrative medicine. He is the medical director of a group of six doctors and is active in teaching doctors how to improve their delivery of health care. He also runs a busy integrative medicine practice with a dedicated group of private clients at Balance Medical Center, 1590 West 7th Avenue, Vancouver, BC: www.balancemedical.ca