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The term “healthy chair” -> for a chair to be called a “healthy” one, it needs to be qualified as healthy and its health-improving effects must be approved by tests and clinical trials. With its proven positive impact on the health of users, SpinaliS chairs meet even the most stringent criteria imposed on the classification of products in the medical device category. SpinaliS healthy chairs are classified as medical devices in several EU countries. 

SpinaliS healthy chairs

SpinaliS healthy chairs are offering a healthy, all-day-long sitting experience. They differ from any other chair by a patented technology which props the seat on a spring allowing to maintain a correct position of the spine while bending over the work surface. The ability to tilt in all directions allows for active sitting, which is the basis for muscle training and provides unique mobility of the pelvis. The activation of muscles is achieved by the so-called sensorimotor stimulation effect. It simulates sitting on a therapeutic ball and brings about a subconscious engagement of the back muscles, which otherwise remain limp while sitting on a classic chair. The usually inactive phase muscles start working, while the postural muscles, which tend to be overloaded, are given the relief they need. With the convenient height-adjustable armrests and backrests, SpinaliS chairs ensure a healthy and safe sitting throughout the day. In addition, thanks to the variety of models, they are suitable for all types of silhouettes, including children.

SpinaliS healthy chairs - technology

Many physicians and specialists have been involved in the process of bringing SpinaliS healthy chairs to their current form, mainly those with expertise in physiotherapy. The result is a unique patented attachment system - a seat on the spring - that simulates sitting on a therapeutic ball. Using such a seat forces us to sit upright and engage the deep stabilizing i.e. core muscles. These muscles are relaxed while sitting on classic chairs with static seats. The goal of this simulation is to maintain a correct posture and correct position of the spine while bending over the work surface, which leads to eliminating back pain, especially in the area of neck and hips. The comfortable backrest and armrests of SpinaliS healthy chairs provide a safe and healthy sitting all day round.

SpinaliS healthy chairs patented system

The uniqueness of the healthy SpinaliS chairs is based on the applied seat attachment system. With this technology a SpinaliS healthy chair follows all the movements of your body while sitting. When you lean over the table, the movable seat tilts on its spring, which leads to maintaining a proper position of your spine and to improved blood circulation through your lower limbs. No other office chair or ergonomic chair provides this effect.