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Nowadays a growing number of children and teenagers spend a lot of time working at their computers and not having a suitable amount of physical activities. It is no wonder that, according to statistics, as many as 2/3 of school-aged children suffer from back pain. The spine is still developing until the kids stop growing (approx. between 14 to 17 years of age), with all the defects becoming irreversible after that. For that reason, it is immensely important to pay attention to children, whose spines can be positively or negatively affected.

Ordinary children's chairs

Plain children's chairs and ergonomic children's chairs do not help children in the event of the occurrence of back pain. Such children's chairs fit the most common child's proportions and allow adjustment and regulation, however, as far as ergonomic chairs for children are concerned including their formed upholstering of backrest and seat, the muscles providing for correct bodily postures droop. After some time, children who sit on such chairs start to fidget, rock, or kneel, for their need to move, and change their body position quite often – more frequently than adults.

SpinaliS Kids Chairs

A very effective solution for fidgeting and, at the same time, against back pain is offered by SpinaliS healthy children's chairs. A patented seat on a spring on the SpinaliS children's chairs make children sitting upright, even for long hours, and additionally, they allow for frequent position change and active moving. They also bring additional benefits such as an enhanced concentration while studying or reading, because the child's physical energy (fidgeting) is transferred to a movable seat. With every single child's movement, the seat of the child's chair bends forward or sideways, making the body finding its balance and returning to its natural and optimal position. During sitting on a SpinaliS child's chair the back muscles are active, which otherwise may droop. Backache disappears and an upright position is kept. We kindly invite you to watch a short visualization presenting the advantages of a SpinaliS movable seat and its impact on the body.


A healthy child's chair guarantees your children to:

  • keep the upright position,
  • decrease the pressure on intervertebral discs,
  • train the back muscles,
  • prevent the back pain,
  • positively influence the condition of the back muscles,
  • support spinal health