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Most people know as soon they sit down on SpinaliS chair that this chair is a game-changer! 
Imagine a chair that naturally follows all your body movements and supports your back. The seat tilts the same way you move your pelvis. You will be forced to sit upright and never feel sore, even after a long day spent in a chair. The only regret we hear from our customers is that they shouldn't have waited until they had a bad back to advocate for this purchase.
We believe that you would like to try it, and that's why we have the Free Trial program.
If you live in the Greater Vancouver area or Victoria, we will lend you the SpinaliS chair for free for one week so that you can test it before purchase.
If you live further from our stores, we will use our expertise and help you find the chair which will suit you the best. After you purchase the chair online, we offer you two weeks trial period. Then, in case it's not what you expected, you can send it back to us and get a full refund on its cost. To apply for the free trial, please call us or email us at info@spinalis-chairs.ca.