The Only Chair that will fix your back! Made in EU 1999, Now available in Canada&USA! FREE TRIALS. FREE SHIPPING in April with CODE: SHIP-69. The only office chair that will fix your back! Made in EU 1999, Now available in Canada & USA! FREE TRIALS. PROMO FREE SHIPPING in June with CODE: SHIP-69
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Perfect Christmas Gift That Will Last and Please Your Partner For Many Years

Christmas Gift Ideas SpinaliS Chairs Canada

If you are asking the question: "What should I get my husband for Christmas this year? " or "Where to find the best Christmas gift for my wife?" keep reading, and lets' discover some new Christmas gift ideas.
Wait - but can an office chair make a good Christmas gift? It surely can! A luxury and thoughtful Christmas gift for your man! 

7 Questions About Spine Health

Spine health awareness - World spine day 2021 - & woman sitting without slouching  - Spinalis Chairs BC Canada
Let's celebrate WORLD SPINE DAY 2021! If you are looking to keep your back and spine healthy, there are certain things you should be aware of. Learn what are the 7 Tips for Spine Health.

Active Chairs Comparison Core Chair, Swopper & SpinaliS

Active Chairs Comparison | Core Chair Review, Swopper & SpinaliS Hacker - which one is the best active chair Canada & USA
Core Chair Reviews, Swooper Chair & Spinalis Chairs. Which one of the three active chairs is really working Best For Healthy Back? Know the differences from a user with serious back issues who ended up buying all of them.