The Only Chair that will fix your back! Made in Europe now available in Canada & USA! Chiropractors Recommend. FREE TRIALS Attention Office Workers: The only office chair that will fix your back! Made in Europe since 1999, now available in Canada and USA! Chiropractors Recommend. FREE TRIALS.
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Modern Ergonomic Office Chair

A modern ergonomic office chair that fits your office design and your back - Spinalis Chairs Canada & USA
Wondering how to modernize your office? There are a wide variety of chairs, but are these chairs suitable for longer sitting? 

Regular Office Chairs vs Standing Desks

Regular Office Chairs vs Standing Desks vs Chairs for Active Sitting | Case Study - Spinalis Chairs Canada & USA
The human body was not designed for Sitting OR Standing long hours. Regular chairs can cause spinal deformations that will result in serious back issues. Standing actually is another passive position. Active sitting is a solution for back pain prevention and relief.

Ergonomic Pianist Chairs

Worldwide Great Pianists Use SpinaliS Chair For Better Posture When Playing Piano - Spinalis Chairs Canada & USA
Best Pianist Chair. Adjustable Piano Chair (Stool) With A Back. Less Fatiguing For Your Back. Replace The Bench & Play Better. Feel Better