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SpinaliS Chair Review by Ms. Carolyn: How I Improved My Health With SpinaliS Chair

SpinaliS Chair Review by Ms. Carolyn: How I Improved My Health With SpinaliS Chair

INTRO: Ms. Carolyn decided to test the SpinaliS Apollo Chair in her home office. She was pretty skeptical as she had already tested many chairs and tried hard to find the best ergonomic chair for home use that would be a suitable chair for people with back problems. Carolyn was also worried that the active chair might be too challenging for her as she had never tried active sitting before. However, after 30 min in the store, Caralyn liked that the SpinaliS chair corrected her posture immediately and realized that active sitting was ok for her. She decided to get the most popular desk chair for ladies, the SpinaliS Apollo model, for one week's free trial. She wanted to know if this could be the best chair to relieve her back pain and how it would feel after all-day sitting. Carolyn promised to take notes during her free trial week to make her decision at the end of the week based on her observations. 

SpinaliS Apollo Chair FREE TRIAL OBSERVATIONS by Ms. Carolyn A., Vancouver 

"I spent many years looking hard for the best home office chair for my condition to relieve my back pain and knee pain. I am very happy I found SpinaliS." 

My Medical Profile

I have deteriorating discs, two of which are pinched, spinal rheumatoid arthritis and scoliosis. I had a knee replacement, which has caused chronic pain. My neck and shoulders are becoming increasingly tight, which also contributes to chronic pain.

My Problem with most office chairs

  • I'm short and could not find an office chair that suited the petite frame (until I tried the SpinaliS Apollo model). With most of the office chairs, the seat was always too long, my knees did not sit at 90 degrees, or I was unable to rest my feet flat on the ground.
  • Long sitting in my home office: My hobby is photography, and I spend several hours a day editing. It never occurred to me that my old home office chair could be contributing to my aches and pains and actually be worsening my medical issues.

January 3rd - Total time spent in the chair: 3 hours
Once I chose my favoured SpinaliS model in the showroom, the Apollo and sat in it while I tried it out for at least 25 minutes. As I immediately stood up, I noticed that I wasn't stiff or in pain like I usually would be, and I stood up effortlessly.
January 4th - Total time spent in the chair: 5 hours
I'm feeling my energy level increasing. I notice a slight reduction in the tension in my neck and shoulders. Again now sitting for a couple of hours in a row. I have no problem standing up. It's a smooth transition versus jerky and painful.  
January 5th - Total time spent in the chair: 6 hours
With my chronic pain diminishing even a little, I'm feeling mentally brighter and my attitude more positive. My knee pain seems to be decreasing.
January 6th - Total time spent in the chair: 6 hours 30 minutes
I think it is best to build up my time in the chair gradually, and if feeling tired, to get up and take a break or stretch. I would not usually be sitting more than 2 1/2 hours without taking a break in any office situation. I do find the seat cushion firm and voiced my observations to SpinaliS. They assured me that the seat has a firm foam inside that softens with time (as I could feel on the showroom chairs). 
January 7th - Total time spent in the chair: 3 hours 45 minutes
I'm noticing that my back is erect when sitting at the computer, my knees are in about 100-degree position, and my feet are flat on the floor. This is the first computer chair that has fitted my petite body perfectly. All the computer chairs I've sat on before were too tall for me. 
January 8th - Total time spent in the chair: 4 hours 45 minutes
Because my pain is diminishing, I'm finding myself in a happier mood in general. 
January 9th - total time spent in the chair: 2 hours 25 minutes
Compared to my old home office chair, I now find myself sitting really erect versus hunched over. I like that I can sit back any time and take a break from any motion whatsoever. My knee replacement is far more flexible in just one week's trial.

CONCLUSION: I'm looking forward to seeing my doctors tell them and show them the huge changes in my spine and my ability to walk. I am so happy I have invested in SpinaliS! Thank you!  

Carolyn ended up ordering her SpinaliS Apollo Chair in the Dark Green Colour that fits nicely with her home office design! Thank you, Carolyn, for your detailed SpinaliS Chair Review! We are happy that you found the best chair for your home office!  

Best Chair For Petit People Apollo SpinaliS Canada

Like Carolyn, many people are looking for the best chair for home office for retired people. At a certain age, we start to understand that we only have one spine for life. We have to take good care of our spine to keep it healthy and functional, which is why the correct spine posture is so important while sitting. Poor posture, lower back pain, weak core are consequences of sitting down hunched over our desk. The good news is that it's never too late to change that. 

Numerous Health Specialists who were a part of the SpinaliS development team were looking for a permanent solution for people with Back Pain, Weak Core and other issues. In 1999, in Europe, they designed the first SpinaliS Active Chair. This chair has been an efficient tool to use the time you are sitting to make your core stronger instead of weaker and improve your posture. 

Other SpinaliS Office Chair Users Experience and Reviews: 

Warren P., Vancouver
After many years of looking at all kinds of office chairs and sitting in the wrong ones, which started to make my lower back hurt, I needed a solution. I understood the importance of good Spinal Posture and wanted a chair to help me work for long hours without discomfort. I searched online specifically for chairs that were geared towards spinal care. I came across the Spinalis Active Sitting Chairs and thankfully found them locally here in Vancouver. I visited with Janette, who was very knowledgeable and helpful. She sat me in several chairs and helped me make the final selection of the Spider model. I've been using this Spinalis active chair for many months now. My lower back discomfort is gone, and I no longer have to use the extra kneeling chair I purchased. Go to try the chairs. It's one of the best investments for my health in a very long time!

Best Office Chair For Small Home Office SpinaliS Canada

Magda and Christian, Montreal
We first tried the SpinaliS chair on the trade show and have thought about it since. We decided to purchase one chair for our son, who had back problems, although much younger than us! The service was excellent. The chair was shipped just in time for his birthday. Then we bought another SpinaliS chair for our home office, and I found it GREAT. I never had an active sitting chair like this. It is really useful to avoid sitting in an improper position. This chair fixes you no matter what. The movement of this chair had eased the tension and my lower back while still allowing me to continue to work long hours. Soon, I decided that my wife should have her own chair too! The only regret: we should have bought them a long time ago. They seem a little bit expensive BUT you should consider the money you would spend on treatments for your back without it when making your decision. The chairs fit quite nicely in our very small home office, and they are very comfortable. Recently, we ended up buying the 4th Spinalis chair for our son's wife for her birthday, and she loves it. Warning: It's hard to sit in any other chair after you experience this active and back pain-free sitting.

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