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Best Office Chair For Your Lower Back Pain

How do you feel after sitting all day in your office chair? Do you have a sore back or neck? 

Do you feel sore after sitting all day in your office chair? Are you dealing with lower back pain, sore neck, tiredness or sore bum? Are you looking to find out the best office chair for back pain in Canada? 

What is the best office chair for back pain? Are office chairs good for your back? 

You heard from your chiropractor to take multiple breaks during your day to stand up and stretch out. Sitting is not a natural activity for humans.  When we are sitting down, our body suffers from a lack of activity. Our postural back muscles get stiff and core muscles get weak.

Therefore, there is nothing like the best office chairs for back pain or the best office chair for neck and shoulder pain. No office chair will save your back from the consequences of long sitting. The longer we sit and the older we get, the worse are the consequences. 

Good news, you don't need to wait until you have a bad back! There are spine-friendly chairs on the market. We call them ACTIVE chairs i.e. Chairs for active sitting.

SpinaliS chair with a movable seat on the spring is the best desk chair for lower back and hip pain.  This spine office chair follows all your body movements and relieves the load on your lumbar spine and hips while leaning forward or sidewise. 

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What is the best ergonomic computer chair in Canada, for sitting at a computer all day?

If you are asking this question, you realized that there are tons of “best office chairs in Canada” on the market. Not an easy task to find the best ergonomic spine chair. Maybe you already tried a couple. Most of the office chairs manufacturers create office chairs with fixed seats. These types of chairs for static sitting will sooner or later cause your back pain.

On the best ergonomic office chairs, you will be able to adjust various settings to support your body. You can stretch your back and occasionally reach your headrest. But even if you had the best lumbar support office chair in Canada, soon you end up hunched over your desk and nothing will stop you! You would have to be posture aware (same as during your yoga class) which is impossible while working. Once our brain is focused on the email/ presentation/ report, we are not able to focus on our posture. 

Person sitting in ergonomic office chair with headrest with haunched body posture

The ideal desk chair for long sitting at a computer is a chair, which will “force you” to maintain a good posture and engage your core, without you even knowing it. Did you hear about ACTIVE SITTING? SpinaliS active office chair with a seat on the spring will not let you slouch ever again.

What type of office chair is best for lower back pain?

SpinaliS chair is best office chair for lower back pain, finally also available in Canada. The worldwide patented technology of active sitting on SpinaliS chairs will make you sit upright, use core muscles and relieve the load from the lower back spine. Each of them was designed with a specific user in mind, so everyone can find the best fitting size. Check out SpinailS models here.

 Person on active sitting chair proper posture SpinaliS Canada

What is the best kind of chair for a bad back?

Look for a chair that was developed by doctors and chiropractors. In 1999 in Europe, the first “Healthy” office chair was created - SpinaliS Chair. In many European countries, this chair is certified as a medical device. Nowadays, SpinaliS is successfully selling its chairs all over the world and helping people with bad backs to sit without pain. SpinaliS chairs hold a worldwide patent for a unique active sitting technology and have helped over 100,000 customers.

What chair do chiropractors recommend?

Many chiropractors recommend using chairs with movable seats. Instead of the standard office chairs with fixed seats. The reason is that the pelvis mobility activates the back muscles, and brings the necessity to always maintain proper posture. Many Chiropractors and doctors are also frequent users of SpinaliS Chairs.

How do I choose a chair for back pain?

Many manufacturers tried to invent a chair for a bad back. It's not easy to find the best chair because all them are claiming the perfect ergonomic quality. If you wanna relieve your back pain, think about what the chair has to offer. Will this make you sit upright. Will it force you to activate back muscles and strengthen your core? Will the seat follow all your body movements?

SpinaliS Chair will make you sit upright to relieve the load from your spine and spinal disc. And so relieve your back pain. Many clinical trials and thousands of satisfied SpinaliS chair users confirm, that active sitting on SpinaliS chairs successfully relieves and prevents back pain.



SpinaliS chairs are currently the best chairs for back pain in Canada! Very unique & different from any other best office chair brands on the market. Learn more about proven HEALTH BENEFITS.

Numerous clinical trials and hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers confirm that Active sitting on SpinaliS chairs successfully solves 99% of the health issues related to long sitting within the first 6 months!

The worldwide patented technology of active sitting on SpinaliS chairs will make you sit upright, improve your posture, strengthen your core muscles, and relieve back and neck pain caused by long sitting. 
Spinalis chairs are very unique & different from any other chairs on the market and have a number of proven health benefits!  These modern chairs are Made in Europe since 1999 and now also available in North America. 
There are various models for different workplaces and body types. Our specialists are happy to provide you with advice and recommend the best fitting model for your needs. 

Does your aching back seek relief? Don't wait until you have a bad back and avoid the consequences! 

Learn more about SpinailS Chairs and free trials, contact us at email: or call us today at 800 606 5166

Back Pain Relief
The movable seat on SpinaliS Chairs will not let you slouch! Just sit down, do your work, and leave everything else up to SpinaliS. 

Core Workout
Active sitting on any of the SpinaliS chairs will strengthen your deep stabilizing muscles and your core while performing your daily tasks at the office or home office.

Stylish Office Chairs
The modern design of the SpinaliS Chairs is attractive for your office or home office, chose from various upholstery colors and styles. 

Healthier than sitting on an Exercise Ball!
It is recommended not to sit longer than 2 hours on a yoga ball, but on the SpinaliS chairs, you can sit all day long because they have a stable backrest and armrests.

Standing Desk Alternative
Standing is another passive position. SpinaliS chair will make your body sit actively and subconsciously use your core and back muscles, without thinking if you should stand or sit while focusing on your work. 

Who uses SpinaliS? 
SpinaliS chairs are suitable for anybody who seeks relief from backaches or simply want to invest in personal health and fitness care. From individuals to worldwide brands like for example Google, Microsoft, Daily Hive, Aquilini Group, Villa Roofing, Vancouver Film Studios, Fit To Train, and many others.

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