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Prof. dr. sci. Janko Popovič, dr. med., Specialist Orthopedic Surgeon

When I first heard about SpnaliS, the idea of constructing a chair with a moving base or moving seat seemed to be a very important thing to me, in terms of preventing the degeneration of the discs.

I personally tested all SpinaliS models and I keep recommending them to my patients who suffer from various spinal deformations (such as scoliosis, kyphotic spine, hyperlordosis) or sciatica disease. Also, I  witnessed positive improvement in the physical condition of patients with arthritic hips or knees, after hip replacements and knee surgeries.  

Because of the constant movement of the seat, all back muscles have to work constantly, so there is no unilateral stress to the spine and discs.  Thanks to that the burden is distributed through the entire spinal area, sometimes more on one side, sometimes more on the other which helps to reduce the burden on the spine and prevent the most frequent spine problems like the gradual desiccation of the intervertebral discs, friction, trapping a nerve or even the complete destruction of the intervertebral discs.

I would recommend SpinaliS chair to patients with existing spine problems, but actually also to all people who sit a lot or are in a forced sitting position at work, because unfortunately, I am familiar with the consequences. I keep saying that staying fit is much easier than getting fit, once a problem occurs.

I believe that SpinaliS is one of the important preventive measures to reduce spinal problems and improve spinal health! 


Doc. MUDr. Robert Rusnak, Ph.D., Head of Neurosurgery Clinic 

OUR SPINE -  there is a lack of information about it in adulthood, improper care of it in childhood!  If we don’t care about our spine properly the consequences will appear! 

Every day, when I was entering the operating room to try to deal with often fatal consequences, one question would pop up in my mind: "where the problems come from?”

I believe, that the fundamental problem is the lack of prevention and therefore I have decided to be a part of a project Spine Friendly School whose mission is to fight with a spinal disorder.

I firmly believe that active sitting on SpinaliS chairs is a very healthy exercise for the muscles, it helps strengthen the intervertebral discs and keep them healthy. I recommend it to all my clients as an effective preventive measure.