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What Zdenka Beranova, owner and director of Natural Therapy Spa in Vancouver has to say about SpinaliS Chairs? 

Massage Therapist Zdenka Beranova - Spinalis Chair Canada

1) What is the most common reason why your clients visit your massage studio? 
About 50% of our clients seek our services in order to release their stress or back pain. No matter what has caused their back issues, they usually do not come when their back problem first occurs. Nowadays, in our very busy lives, almost no one is thinking in advance about the prevention of back problems. The other half of our clients come to our salon to relax their bodies and enjoy the body or facial treatments we offer.

2) Do you recommend active sitting to your clients? 
Yes, I do. And I have to say that the SpinaliS chair is the best way to prevent back pain in a sedentary job. Active sitting strengthens your muscles, keeps your spine in its correct position, and also relieves the pressure from the spinal discs. I would definitely recommend it to everyone who suffers from back pain and is looking for relief.

3) How long have you been using the SpinaliS chair? 
I have been using it for eight months now, and I have never enjoyed sitting more than now. However, I had to get used to the chair for a few days but that´s normal because my body needed to get used to something new. I can confirm, ever since I started using a SpinaliS chair, I have not felt back pain like I did previously when I used a chair with a fixed seat – even after sitting for long periods of time.

4) Do you believe that the SpinaliS chair can help relieve back pain? 
Yes, I definitely think it does because I have tried it myself. There is nothing better than your own experience. GIve it a try! 

5) What other techniques do you suggest to your clients to complete back pain management and prevention? 
Our clients come regularly with back pain. We mostly recommend that they regularly do stretching and exercise, regularly attend deep tissue massages and acupuncture sessions.