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Chair SpinaliS Hacker

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Chair SpinaliS Hacker

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Product Info

  • Best selling model
  • Designed to fit all genders and most body types
  • Body type: 5' - 6'4' in height & 100 lbs - 250 lbs in weight
  • Typical workplace type: desk job
  • Max load up to 300 lbs
  • Durable steel frame and Italian fabric
  • Body height 5'5''to 6' 3'' fits medium gas lift
  • If you are shorter than 5'5''order short gas lift


Hacker is the most popular and best-selling model of all SpinaliS chairs because it was designed for all body types. Hacker is very popular among IT specialists but also others who spend hours a day in front of the computer.

This model is suitable for all genders and is also becoming increasingly popular even among teens. Hacker has a movable seat that follows all the body movements and improves posture. The patented seat on the spring eliminates our frequent incorrect sitting habits like the forward head posture or slouching. The Hacker's seat, backrest, and armrests are height adjustable.

Due to its' modern design and reasonable size is suitable for offices, same as home offices. All SpinaliS chairs are made of high-quality German steel ensuring a long life. The standard frame colour is black, a chrome finish is an upgrade for an extra cost. The durable Italian upholstery Renna - description here comes in many colour options. The upholstery is easy to clean and is very pleasant to touch, even for demanding users. SpinaliS HACKER will get your back covered during long hours at work or in front of a home computer!


    • Standard gas lift range: seat 19.7'' - 24.0''
    • High gas lift range: seat 20.7" - 24.8"
    • Low gas lift range: seat 18.5'' - 20.1''
    • User Height: 5' - 6'4''
    • Body Type: all
    • Adjusting options: seat height, backrest & armrests height
    • Seat dimensions: width: 16.5'', depth: 16.5''
    • Max load: 300 lb
    • Chair weight: 36.5 lb